Trackpad Taps Modifications don't seem to work

Hi there -- I've enabled "Magic Trackpad: don't allow tap to click on left and right edge" at the full 20%. Yet, taps still work on the left and right far edges. I've tried the same setting on another similar year and OS Macbook Pro, and that one works fine. But for some reason, I can't get BTT to disable the left and right 20% of my trackpad.

Macbook Pro 16in 2021, Apple Silone, macOS Monterery v12.4
BTT 45 day trial, v3.786
(I have checked for Alpha updates and restarted computer)

A bit more information. The other computer I tested this on (where BTT trackpad modification is working) is on v3.779 (1922). He just updated to 3.786 (1931) -- which is the version my computer is on -- and his is still working. He downloaded BTT in 2017.