Trackpad not functional after 3.x upgrade

My 15" MacBook Pro (2019) Trackpad is not registering any taps, clicks, etc. with any of the 3.x versions. None of my years-old settings work until I downgrade back to 2.814.

Clicks/taps do not show in the viewer either when creating new routines.

Is your license still valid for the new version? (Standard BTT licenses receive free updates for 2 years - check the license status in the BTT about screen)

Hi Andreas -- yes, my license is current (until April 2021). I just updated again to 3.071 -- newer than my last 3.x version -- and the same thing happens. Touchbar commands work fine, but the Trackpad (both built-in and wireless Trackpad) do not.

Edit: reverting back to 2.814 returned functionality again. Let me know if there is some configuration I can export to further diagnose.

Possibly one setting that (due to a bug) wasn't active in 2.814 causes your BTT to disable.


In that case Touch Bar stuff might in some situations still be usable.

Hi, I too have some issues with Trackpad gesture under latest update 3.072.
I've noticed tip tap right doesn't work, while left work.
3-finger tap/click doesn't work either.

edit: never mind, it works again now... can't figure

Hi again, no -- it's not the "Disable BTT for..." setting, I had checked that previously. I am now at 3.086 and the same symptoms -- the trackpad is effectively disabled from BTT, and works fine once I revert to 2.814.

I'm attaching my full preferences.JD.bttpreset (102.0 KB)