Trackpad hot corners / one finger click


so i've had the BTT for some time now (years) and updated to the latest mac and noticed this issue.

I've got / had the one finger click on bottom right set up to an action (reader mode in safari) and with the larger trackpad i'm constantly triggering it with my palm so wanted to remove it. I removed all one finger actions in the setting and it's still there annoyingly - it isn't going away! how do can i removed it please?

most likely you still have it somewhere, maybe specific for an app?
If you want you can go to help-> export diagnostic debug information and send the result to me ( then I’ll have a look

ah, i completely forgot that it's specific to an app!! i've not touched the settings in a while! thank you! great app. 2 years just expired so will consider getting the lifetime ownership. thank you.

It started crashing non-stop actually on the ventura os! i tried to attach the crash log but it won't let me. can send to you if you aren't aware of the issue?