Trackpad haptic goes dead, BTT not responding

Apologies if this is a known issue, I searched and couldn't find it...long story short, new Sonoma upgrade on a 2018 MPB, I have a custom key combo set up to run an applescript that iterates through all Safari windows and basically kills/mutes/hides ads. It was working fine until the sonoma upgrade, and now it causes BTT to become unresponsive and the trackpad haptic to completely stop working.

I cannot export a debug log while the issue is happening because BTT isn't responsive, but happy to provide on upon restart of BTT if that's helpful.

Keep up the good work! BTT rocks!

could you share the apple script? You could try using the "run in background" option for Apple Script, then it should at least not block BTT anymore

Hi - I think you're on to something here....the script seems to be the problem, but not for the reason that I would have looks like something broke with icloud integration during the sonoma upgrade so the file is 'stuck in limbo' and cannot be fetched from the cloud. BTT is probably just stuck attempting to access the file. Maybe there should be some sort of timeout on this process so that it doesn't freeze BTT indefinitely, but I think we can close this one out. I will reach out after fixing the icloud issue if there still appears to be some sort of issue beyond that. Thanks!