Trackpad gestures don't work at all

I have got the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. The touch bar buttons work perfectly, But if I go to the trackpad gestures and I try to create an action for a gesture like the 4 finger tap. It some time works one the BTT app, It doesn't work in safari. Even on the BTT app it doesn't work a lot of times

What kind of action have you assigned? In general the gestures should work fine, but maybe the action doesn't do what you expect?

I put the action as 4 finger tap whould minimise the window. I tried using the specific action drop down and I selected it and I even tried used the keyboard shortcut (cmd+M).Works some times on the BTT app, not all the time and it doesn't work on safari at all .

mh this works perfectly here. Could you check in live view whether the gesture is being recognized?