TrackPad-gesture-repeat using each time an other shortcut


I use MenubarX in my menubar.
This app has for each window an other shortcut.
I would like to use the same TrackPad-gesture (TipTap Links (1 Finger fest))
to browse throug the windows. This does not work so far with all shortcuts added to
the trigger (unter: Dem Trigger zugewiesene Aktionen).

I search for the option that one trigger sends the first time one shortcut, the second time an other shortcut, and so on.

Thanks for this great app!!

You can do that with a cycle action

Oh, thanks a lot! This is nice :slight_smile:

While browsing through the windows with "TipTap Left (1 Finger Fix)"
I have to tap twice (or remove both fingers first) to secondly activate this trigger.
Would be nice to toggle through with each tab...

I am only a user who can tell you what is currently doable. I assume you have a trackpad. Then try this. That way you can keep the actions going as long as a finger is on the trackpad and stop when you lift your finger.

Beginne die cycle Aktion indem du mit dem linken Finger tippst und den anderen auf den Trackpad lässt. Wenn das Fenster kommt, das du willst, hebe den anderen Finger und der "Rundlauf" stoppt. Wie schnell die Aktionen wechseln, bestimmst du durch die Wiederholungsrate.

Yea, that works verry good! Thanks again!!