Trackpad doesn't seem to work

Hi guys,

my BTT doesn't seem to work at all. I setup a basic gesture in which I want 4 finger swipe down to minimise all windows (not show desktop :slight_smile:) - still just nothing happens for any touch gesture that I configure.

I re-added BTT to my security settings I think 3 times by now just to make sure that permissions work and if I understand the live view correctly it registers all fingers and movement, though I might misunderstand the live view.

Is there any sort of log or something that I can take a look at to figure out why it just doesn't work? I added a few screenshots for you guys to take a look, though they're German and might not be much of help.

Is there anything that I am missing?

Thank you so much for you help

is BTT maybe disabled for some reason? (greyed out menubar icon?)

Well f me, it indeed is... without being per se greyed out. When I hover over "activate BTT for..." menu there is however no further context menu popping up to chose something from. Is that expected behaviour?

ahhh I think I forgot to include a greyed out icon for dark mode... will fix this!

That makes sense!

Still I can't seem to activate BTT; there is no submenu when hovering over "Enable BTT for..." :confused:

uh that’s weird. Do you have a valid license installed for this version of BTT? Or is it the trial?

Could you check if your license/trial is correctly listed in „Help -> About Bettertouchtool“?

Ah here we go, that makes sense. It is trial and it seems like I had installed BTT briefly 2 years ago and now that I decided to give it another shot... -726 days remaining on the trial :smiley:

I guess I'll just go for a license and see if that fixes it.

you could delete everything BTT related to reset it:

~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool



I just went for the license and am very happy to confirm that everything works like a charm! Thanks for you support Andreas!