Trackpad Area Not Fully Supported?

I've been trying to use several of the Trackpad Gestures such as the bottom left, right middle clicks. However I often find that I'm not hitting the right spots on the trackpad, so my the actions assigned to the triggers are not working efficiently.

Guess my question is, are there dead spots on the outside area of trackpad?

I took a look at the "Live View" (BTT>View>Show Live View) and it seems BTT stops detecting touch about a ¼ in from the edges.


Seems like the area in Red, when viewing the Live View are not detecting touches.
Is this intentional?

These 2 areas don't detect taps/touch, just clicks.
Same area at the top left & right is the same way.

And I looking at this wrong? or should taps be working in those blue areas?