TouchBar items not visible

Hi I just downloaded and paid license for BTT with the GoldenChaos preset. I can't seem to get any of the BTT items to actually show up on my MacBook Pro Touch Bar despite playing around with multiple settings. At one point, some BTT items did show up for a few minutes, then they all disappeared and I can't get them back.

The Snap Areas are working fine.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot would be welcome.

the BTT Touch Bar is probably just hidden.
In general it's a good idea to add a keyboard shortcut to BetterTouchTool and assign the predefined action "toggle BetterTouchTool Touchbar" to hide / show it at any time.

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Ok I created a new keyboard shutout to Toggle BetterTouchTool. When I press the keyboard shortcut nothing happens except the esc button in the Touch Bar flashes each time I save it. Still no other aspects of BTT are visible

this should mean you don't actually have anything configured. Could you post a screenshot of your setup?

Sure. Here is the pic of the Keyboard shortcut

Here is how I have the Touch Bar settings. I have tried turning a few on and off randomly, but nothing currently shows up on my Touch Bar other than what is configured in the Keyboard<Customize Control Strip preference pane on the Mac

Here are the general Touch Bar Settings


Here is a screenshot of my TouchBar before I press my Toggle BTT TouchBar Keyboard shortcut

After I press the keyboard shortcut nothing changes on the TouuchBar. Pressing the functions key reveals the F1 through F12 keys as expected.

Could you check what is set in System Preferences => Keyboard? On some macOS versions it needs to be "App Controls" in order for BTT to be able to take over.

I turned that on and it seems to be working now. I'll play a bit more and make sure things are working as expected.
Many thanks for your help (might be something extra to add to documentation as I did not see this anywhere else).