Touchbar doesn't honor touchbar behavior setting when using 'launch application' predefined action

I have touchbar buttons to launch applications that show up when I press the option key. ('launch application' predefined action)

When I switch applications using these buttons it always shows the default touchbar behavior and ignores my preference to 'show bettertouchtool touch bar'.

When I use command tab to switch applications the preference to show the bettertouchbar touch bar works fine.

This also happens when I use the app switcher widget.

Macbook Pro 2017
MacOS Mojave
BTT version 2.645

Figured out if I release the option key right as I press the application launch button it works properly.

Still having trouble with this behaviour. If switching applications with the option or keys held down, the proper touchbar group will show initially, but as soon as I release the modifier key it will disappear. If I press another key at before releasing the held key it will let me keep the active group open.