Touchbar [Control] - Enable "Volume Mute" and disable "Volume up/down"

How do I enable / activate "Volume Mute" so that I see it all the time (not just when pressing Control)?

Right now, I have Touchbar [Control] -> Enabled "Volume Mute" so that I can see it when I press the Control button. I want to always see it, not just when pressing the button. "Volume up/down" are disabled here, and activated somewhere else to be displayed all the time. Where is this? I can't find the config.



Is this a question for a specific preset? (I don't fully understand what you are trying to do)

Oh, sorry. I forgot to mention that I use GoldenChaos.

The touchbar right now shows "Volume up" and "Volume down" all the time in the touchbar.

I want to show "Volume mute" all the time and also remove up/down (instead I want to show up/down only when I press the control button.

I found all three configurations under app "[Control] Control Strip.
Up and Down are disable here, and mute is enabled (by me, not by default).

Does this help understanding the question?