Touchbar Button Haptic Feedback Varies


I'm currently experiencing a strange problem where some custom Touchbar buttons will vary on their strength of Haptic Feedback when pressing them.

For example, I have 2 buttons. One sends the shortcut CMD+F and the other sends Alt+Space. The first button makes a clearly audible click sound from the trackpad, while the second button makes a barely audible click sound from the trackpad (Sometimes I don't even know if it's making a click unless I have a finger resting on the trackpad!)

In Preferences>TouchBar>Advanced I have "Default Haptic Feedback When..." to On Trigger: Super Strong Feedback. This is the only option I have changed regarding Haptic Feedback.

(also want to point out this is a fresh install of BTT as it is a new Mac)

Pretty sure this is a bug, but if not please let me know how to fix :slight_smile:


Affected Input Device: Touch Bar
Affected Output Device: Haptic Engine

MacBook Pro 2020
macOS: 10.15.6
BTT Version: 3.402 (1633)

So I've figured out the problem but haven't fixed it.

I'm using HapticTouchBar too and that is making the louder clicks. It is, for whatever reason, only activating on some of the custom buttons while BTT is handling the other buttons.
How come Super Strong Feedback option is really quiet compared to a normal click from HapticTouchBar?