Touchbar behavior changed after update

Hi there!
I really love the possibilities BTT offers especially for the touchbar. But after the latest update (2.618 and now 2.625) the behavior of the touchbar changed somehow. I would like to replace the controlstrip and every appspecific default touchbar with my custom BTT touchbar globally. So having the custom BTT touchbar basically everywhere no matter what app is in front by default. This has worked before but now it's not working anymore and I don't know why. Certain apps (e.g. Firefox) show the BTT touchbar but some apps show their appscpecific default touchbar and others show just the system default touchbar (basically just the control strip).

Here are my general touchbar settings:

The strange thing is that the App-specific settings are all set to default but some apps show the BTT touchbar and some show the system default. And all apps that aren't controlled by BTT show the system default only.

Anyone knows how to change this? Or is this possibly a bug?

I'm also having this issue, did you find a solution in the end?

Check the touchbar config here:

Hey! Yes I managed to fix it. I think it was related to a simple setting somewhere. Sorry, forgot the exact setting. But the one that @ideasbegan mentioned might actually be exactly this. Hope it'll work for you.

Thanks guys - even with this enabled, apps continue to intermittently override the BTT toolbar. The pattern is unpredictable but it's very frequent

Check to make sure you have it set under "All Apps" in addition to the specific apps you're trying to set...

Yep - set correctly in 'all apps'.

Does it only happen when you switch to certain apps? Or all random? Want to share preset file?

Sorry for delay! It happens randomly, I can't reliably reproduce it but it's happening 8-10x/day
Default.bttpreset (189.2 KB)