Touchbar: Assign value to variable and long press action do not work together.

I have been trying to get touch bar buttons to set a variable and then run a named trigger on long press.

The problem is that the variable only gets updated with a quick tap and not with a long press.
So when the long press action is run, it will not be run with the updated variable.

Affected device: Touch bar
BTT Version: 3.674
Mac: Macbook Pro M1 2020
OS: Monterey 12.1

this is not a bug, the short tap will not trigger at all if the long press is triggered first. Otherwise you couldn’t use it for different actions.

Why not set the variable in the name trigger?

I wanted to have it so I could have multiple buttons use the same trigger. Like having one trigger that opens a folder and have the path specified by the button. I had a working set up where there was a trigger for every button, but that was going to take ages to make.

I was hoping to use long triggers because I am constantly hitting the touchbar buttons by mistake.