TouchBar and TeamSpeak

Hey guys!

I'm looking for a way to make good use of the TouchBar while using TeamSpeak (called TS for the rest of the post).

I thought of some ideas like:

  • while TS is open and on top show favorite servers
  • while TS is open and working in the background show if your microphone/speaker is muted or not
  • show member name who joins/leave your channel
  • etc.

I thought the first task is pretty easy to implement. Under TS I defined hotkeys to join a specific server. Tried it - works. Then I made a BTT TouchBar button. Gave it the same shortcut and picked "Send Shortcut to specific App". Sadly it's not working for me. I tried the option to bring the App in front before but it's not working.
Predefined shortcuts of TS (e.g. Command+S) work when bound to a TouchBar button.

At this point I want to ask for help - maybe someone else is also interested In a useful TouchBar for TeamSpeak an we can share some ideas!

Edit: I managed to connect & disconnect from the TouchBar using AppleScript. If anyone is interested

if application "TeamSpeak 3 Client" is not running then
tell application "TeamSpeak 3 Client"
end tell
end if
tell application "TeamSpeak 3 Client"
end tell
tell application "System Events" to click menu item "FAVORITE SERVER" of menu 1 of menu bar item "favorites" of menu bar 1 of application process "TeamSpeak 3"