Touch Bar not appearing on Catalina 10.15

BTT 3.204
I briefly saw the Touch Bar appear after switching to Catalina 10.15. It hasn't reappeared.

Touch Bar is not hidden. Toggle in Keyboard Shortcuts triggers the "Your BTT Touch Bar is hidden, click to show" menu message, so it's doing something. When I do this, I see the ESC key slighting change between the system default and the BTT version. No other buttons on the BTT appear. I can also shut off the ESC key, and when I enable BTT it will go away without populating the rest of the Touch Bar.

I've reset Accessibility through the System pane, as well as Terminal, and reenabled the permission. No effect.

Selecting "App Controls" in keyboard settings fixed it for me.


Thank you! Odd that Catalina changed that on its own. I saw the Touch Bar briefly and then it went away, so I guess I caught it when the OS overrode that setting.

Thanks @monder.. I had the problem on a 13 and 15 inch macbook pro. Thought it was some bug with BTT and Catalina. Very strange that this behavior changed. Previously I had "Expanded Control Strip" selected on both machines. Had to set it to "App Controls" to make BTT show up correctly.