Toggle Maximize/Restore Window

I've searched for this multiple times over the years and never found it. I'd like to be able to program one key combination to maximize and restore a window. So, if it's not maximized, the key input maximizes it, and if it is maximized, it will be restored to whatever its previous size was. I achieve this using a standalone app called Right Zoom, but it feels like a waste to have a separate app when it seems like BTT could do it easily. Am I missing a setting?

A build on this, i would like to also see is maximise ALL windows which have been minimised

You can use the "cycle through multiple actions" action:

It doesn't check the current state though, so you might have to press twice to achieve what you want

Could you make the window coordinates available via scripting variables?

Even better, make all the Advanced Condition states accessible via scripting variables and add both hovered and focused window coordinates to the Advanced Conditions.

Yes, I will make all the variables available - it didn't make it into the last release but will be in the next one.


Thank you for the quick reply! I've been using your app since 2012 and always appreciate the dedication.