time managment integration

Hey guys. I was wondering if there is anybody who could help me (develop) Apple Script which connect to API or scrapes data from web site and returns value like:
:white_check_mark:monthly/weekly/daily hours spent on projects
:white_check_mark:monthly/weekly/daily billing
:white_check_mark:timer of currently active project

& shows it into touchbar

Or maybe you know somebody who could do that? :crossed_fingers:

Hi! This could be done quite easly with :slight_smile:

As im more into ux stuff and not coding it seems more or less like rocket science for me. So i should get somebody who can configure btt-node to work with Toggl API is that right?

I does not have to be btt-node itself. It's just a package-wrapper that I wrote around built in BTT webserver API, but It'll allow you to integrate with various APIs easly, given that you know JS a little

But if you're not into coding that much, then yea, you'd probably need someone who likes to code to achieve it. I'd offer my help, but at the moment I'm to busy with developing the btt-node itself and my regular , full-time job :frowning:

I wanted to follow up on this thread to see if any progress was made on this feature request or if there was another script that someone found.