Today Widget: Add checkbox to hide times in All Day Events

Currently it shows 12:00AM-12:00AM or 24:00-24:00 and that is quite annoying. Ideally it just shows the event name and no time. This way user knows that it's an all day event with no extra overloading information.

Thank you.

Good point! I'll make this the default.

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Curious to know when this will be added. It's not a pleasant experience to use the widget in its current state with All Day events. :disappointed:

Will probably work on the calendar widget later today or tomorrow, so there should be a new version sometime this week!

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Great to hear it.

If you do and will have time, can you also address this related issue

I would love for a new widget that was only responsible for showing All Day events (if none exist for the day, don't show anything).

And the current Today widget should get ability to ignore all Day Events from showing.

Would be huge for my workflow. Thank you.

This is now possible in 3.169.
By default it shows "all-day" for all-day events now. (You can completely remove it by using a custom format). It is also possible to specify which types of events the widget shows.

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