To much focus on Touchbar?

Hey Folks

This might be a bit controversial, given the name of the product!

I just found out my license is due for renewal, I went to purchase the lifetime one, but when looking at "Whats New" over the past few releases, aside from the recent Configuration panel overhaul (Which I do appreciate), nearly all the new features are focused on the Touch Bar. I'd like to point out, that a lot of users, do not use this. For example, My MBP sits on my desk plugged into a 4K monitor, with a separate keyboard and mouse.

Whilst I know others do want that, give none-touch bar users some TLC.. at the moment, I don't feel renewing would give me any benefit.

I definitely agree that Touch Bar is only one part of BTT and many users don't use it. However I don't feel I'm investing more time into Touch Bar stuff than into other things. Recently most work has gone into the new UI, performance improvements, Catalina compatibility, a new keyboard shortcut implementation, MIDI triggers, various new and improved actions and better scripting support. Currently I'm working on multi-button-mouse support (to trigger actions when pressing multiple buttons on the mouse simultaneously).

There is definitely also a lot of work on Touch Bar stuff, but I don't feel it's much more than on the other topics.

Feature requests are always very welcome though!

The forum here is definitely a bit focused on Touch Bar, but that's mostly because it's the only trigger type where sharing presets makes a lot of sense.

Hey Andreas

I appreciate you put a lot of effort into BBT. My comment was focused on my personal perceptions. But, you are 100% accurate, if I want features, I should participate and submit details about them, rather than moaning!

Definitely do :slight_smile:
I currently feel that Touch Bar is working pretty well and have lots of other stuff planned for BTT for this year - but I always reprioritize if users come up with cool new ideas :smiley: (that might also be a reason why there was a focus on Touch Bar for a while - users have participated a LOT here)

Feature requests don't even need to be very detailed. Just post them into separate topics so I can keep track, usually a one sentence summary will be enough for me to see whether it's feasible.

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