TipTap action in use, although no actions on magic mouse

I am running on the newest version and it seems like a TipTap action got stuck somewhere without showing in the UI.

It still gets reported as used, although it is nowhere to be found, if I disable the default preset it goes away too....

Any Idea what to check ?

the „in use“ check goes over all apps, do you maybe have it configured for VSCode?

No, I checked there too, also checked all other presets (there are just two)
I started disassembling the JSON file from the exported preset just now... but got distracted then :slight_smile:

Ok, so what seems have happened is that the triggertype was changed... could this possibly have happened while copy/pasting?

  "BTTTriggers" : [
      "BTTTriggerType" : 16,
      "BTTTriggerTypeDescription" : "TipTap Left (1 Finger Fix)",
      "BTTTriggerClass" : "BTTTriggerTypeKeyboardShortcut",
      "BTTPredefinedActionType" : 251,
      "BTTPredefinedActionName" : "Custom Move \/ Resize Window",
      "BTTActionMoveResizeConfig" : "{\"BTTOriginToUse\":1,\"BTTChangeYOrigin\":1,\"BTTNewYAbsolute\":0,\"BTTActiveOrHoveredWindow\":1,\"BTTNewXRelative\":0,\"BTTOriginDisplay\":3,\"BTTChangeXOriginRelative\":0,\"BTTNewXAbsolute\":0,\"BTTChangeXOrigin\":1,\"BTTChangeYOriginRelative\":0,\"BTTUseVisibleFrame\":false,\"BTTScreenOrigin\":1,\"BTTNewYRelative\":0,\"BTTDirectionToMove\":1,\"BTTScreensToMove\":1}",
      "BTTActionMoveResizeName" : "Move left",
      "BTTEnabled2" : 1,
      "BTTKeyboardShortcutKeyboardType" : 0,
      "BTTRepeatDelay" : 0,
      "BTTUUID" : "44F677BC-8379-468F-A89B-B65EACAD6CAA",
      "BTTNotesInsteadOfDescription" : 0,
      "BTTEnabled" : 1,
      "BTTModifierMode" : 0,
      "BTTShortcutKeyCode" : -1,
      "BTTShortcutModifierKeys" : -1,
      "BTTOrder" : 11,
      "BTTDisplayOrder" : 0,
      "BTTAutoAdaptToKeyboardLayout" : 0

Ok, on second inspection I realized I had the trigger under KeyboardShortcuts listed, with the "Please record keyboard shortcut message" hanging... but it did still trigger on the tiptap gesture, removing it there fixed it =D

Awesome! (thanks for the quick reply anyways!)