Tiny menu appears when action is executed with Generic Device

Hello, I've connected my Surface Dial to BTT and want to execute actions on it. The inputs are analysed and the triggers are set up, but when I execute an action, a tiny little menu appears with the trigger name twice instead of actually triggering what I want it to do. Clicking the bottom one does execute it, but that's obviously not the point.

Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 20.52.08

Any idea why this happens? Cheers

that happens if you have configured the trigger twice, so BTT doesn't know which to trigger

I thought that, but thing is, I didn't configure that trigger twice. Or, at least not in that app. I indeed have triggers set up in that app and in the All Apps section - but that surely can't be it, no?

Edit: That's not it, even removing the triggers in either section so there's positively surely only one instance of a trigger doesn't help.

Edit 2: Interesting behaviour when moving the mouse while turning the dial:
Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 21.03.05

could you go to help -> export diagnostic debug info and send the result to me? (andreas@folivora.ai)

Absolutely! Sent it. Thanks for taking a look

ohh there is a bug in the query that causes the generic triggers to not care about the app they are set up in nor the disabled state. That's why the disabled triggers you have configured in "Rewind" get included

I'll fix this.

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@Andreas_Hegenberg Should those of us tinkering around with Generic Devices stuff install the alpha versions of BTT, or are you going to publish these kind of fixes in the release series?

they will be faster in the alpha (I have an alpha release planned for tomorrow that fixes various bugs in the generic device implementation)

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Would you be able to share your script? I can get my surfacedial to detect clockwise and counterclockwise rotation but only one event is fired at a time even tho the dial is moving continuously.

Disregard my last! Found the answer to my question here: Generic Devices: Report repeated events even if monitored bytes don't change