Timeframe as a trigger condition for BTT Automations.

I've created an automation in BTT to run a Shortcut when my Mac goes to Sleep, but I can't find an option to set it to run only during a certain timeframe. Although I could add this condition inside Shortcuts, it would be more convenient if BTT had this feature built-in.

(There's another App on the AppStore called Shortery that has support for this very option and has other triggers like Focus Modes, Sunset/Sunrise, ..., but I like using BTT :slight_smile:)

Are these features coming soon to BTT ?

Thank you!

Good idea, I can add this as a default condition for the advanced trigger conditions.

For now you can create such a condition yourself.

Go to the Automations & Named & Other triggers section in BTT. Then add a new trigger with the type "Dynamic Variable (Java Script)". Give it a name, e.g. dynamic_current_hour

Use this as code to get the current hour:

const d = new Date();
let hour = d.getHours();

Now you can create conditions that use this dynamic variable:

Thank you, I think it works. I've set to run 11pm-2am?

Apparently, this config only supports hours. How can I set it to midnight? And how about 11:30 pm?