Time Widget reports incorrect time

Hi all

Just reporting an error on the time widget. I have it set to report both my home time zone (GMT + 8) and my local time zone when I am travelling, on the Touch Bar. Both times report the correct hour, but will always show the minutes as '12' regardless of the actual time. So in other words, if the time is 3:50pm, it will show 3:12pm and switch to 4:12pm as some point just before it actually becomes 4:12pm

maybe you have set a custom time format and accidentally entered something like hh:‘12‘?

Hi there, no not possible. This is what I have set in the box


MM is month, thus 12 (december) :slight_smile:

Oh dear. I am such an idiot..thanks so much for 'fixing' my problem

Love your software by the way, thanks :slight_smile: