I am trying to USE ONE Keys/Midi- (BUTTON) Trigerr ….or similar actions… to “TIME”

Example: Lets say in my/most DAWs.

There is the SPACE-Key for Start/Stop… Toggle!
Thats very fine!

But most DAWs (and Plugins) uses lot of CPU, even if ”sleep”.

My wish is: I hold a Key/-iMidi… Buttton… and it will do its FIERST action… BUT if ihold this Key/Midi longer then a half second it will also do a SECOND option…

AND if i want “redo” especially this option-act (dosent matter othet Undo/Redos….) OI hold the samwe KEY/MIDI_Btton foe the exact same Time and its REDO!

How can i do suchTIME_TOGGLE!!!!_Trigger????
Yeah. BTW: How to TOGGLE (on(off APPS) I am often open in mac-conroll/Usibilty view…. F5 opens this…this appsa/windoes…. BUT MOSTLY- I just want a VIEW. not permanent Windows( open Apps) … Can a LONGER HOLD (for example) F5 this apps&windows REALLY close….? If so, how to do? Tank you!