Three finger, one fixed gestures

I always used jiTouch in the passed and loved it, because of its great defaults and very nice and simple design. However it seems like it was abandoned, and since there is no way to live without trackpad gestures on the mac, I found your cool app.

However it seems that some of the gestures I am used to for many years now from jitouch are not supported, especially the one finger fixed, two fingers swipe down gesture. Is that something you would consider adding.


i would like to see that features too, as two finger fixed are uncomfortable for me. Or are there any possibilities to draw your own gestures with 3 fingers one fixed and two up/down?


I'd love to see this too! I tried using the 3-finger tip swipe gestures instead and have a hard time even getting them to activate. One-fix two-slide like in jitouch is much easier for me.

+1, this is such an important gesture.