Things 3 badge not working (And a fix idea)


I'm having problems with the Things widget.

So far I've never worked in any experimental version, but I decided to test and modify the scripts.

According to what I can see the included scripts look for the name of the application as "Things3" but my binary version is called only "Things". If for example I modify this name in the dock badge script then the result of the script is correct and shows me the widget in the touch bar. If I leave "Things3" as the name then it doesn't show me the badge.

I downloaded Things 3 from the App Store.

Can you fix it for the following versions?

Will fix and upload a new version today. :slight_smile:

Should be fixed in 3.065 - can you confirm this @diegoscl?

The badge works, but all actions related to Things and home strip button must also be corrected :astonished:

Thanks for your help.

But if the badge works, those should work too... the actual reported name by the Things app is “Things3” - script editor will even automatically correct the script on compiling if you only type “Things”.

The other possibility is that the scripts themselves are broken. I don’t personally use Things, but I downloaded a trial version and I’m gonna see what’s up.

Any Updates on this? Things3 Dock Badge is not working on my end

I think I've found the fix, coming in the next experimental version.

Sounds great, thank you!

Alright, all Things widgets should be fixed in 3.065-3 :slight_smile: give it a shot and let me know!

Current status:

  • Dock Badge Number: Working.
  • Dock Badge Action: Things doesn't open when I press the button (I did a test changing the binary name to "Things" inside the action script and it works).
  • Widget: Not working. It doesn't appear in the menu bar.

An idea: A short press on the dock badge to show the fast entry and a long press to show the app window.

Another idea not related to Things: Add support to Opera browser! :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your effort!

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Here's a test version... does everything work now? Sorry about this x_x haha

The widget also shouldn't appear in the menu bar, but rather in the home strip next to the calendar widget. It shows up for me on my test machine!

EDIT: Officially released it as 3.065-4! Give it a shot.

Working great for me. Thank you so much!

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