they were an issue restarting BTT please do it manually


I have updated BTT to the latest alpha version. And BTT fails to start correctly (no new icon in the touchbar, not the BTT icon in the menu bar, shorcut not working, snap window not working, ... )
However I can open the configuration panel of BTT, and if I press the button "restart BTT". It fails with the message: they were an issue restarting BTT please do it manually.

Pointless to say that a manual restart does not help the situation.

The version of BTT is written as 2.555 in the about panel.
The version of OSX is 10.13.6
My mac is a macbook pro 15 inc with touchbar (2016)

I have not yet reboot my laptop (will do that now) I will update this post with the result of such update.
Update: Same situation after a full reboot of my machine :frowning:

Could you check whether there is a crashlog in the macOS console app under "User Reports" ?

Hi Andreas,

thanks for the support.
I do not have any crashlog (or log at all) in that section of the console app.
I have activated the "export information to Desktop".
Does he have any "sensitive" information if not I can post it here.



Hi Olivier,

you can send it to (it will contain your BTT setup and some logs, so any sensitive information you have in your BTT set up will be included, but I will treat is as confidential and delete it afterwards)

You could also check whether this version fixes your issue:


I have send you the debug directory. I have also checked that link but the same problem occurs.



Hi Olivier,

there was a small problem in your database file, which caused the new version to crash.
I think this build should fix it:

Thanks a lot, this new version is working nicely.

Thanks so much,


PS: I have realize how much dependent of BTT, I am right now.