The Same Gesture to Open and Minimize the Same App

Goal: I'm looking to open AND minimize the same app using the same trigger, similar to the way we can use the same trigger to open and close Launchpad.

I've already assigned a particular gesture (ie. 1 Finger Tap Bottom Right) for opening an app (a stand alone electron-based app "Google Search" ). That was easy enough, using a keyboard shortcut I assigned to that app (⌥G)

Now, I'd love any advice on how to use that same gesture (1 Finger Tap Bottom Right) for minimizing that same app (even when it's not in focus). Is this possible?

I'm not on my mac right now, but there should be an action called something like this. "show/hide specific app".

Wow, there is such an action; I hadn't thought of this.
This doesn't actually "minimize" the app (with the accompanying animation) which I was looking to do.
But this does the job I need elegantly, and quickly. Thank you!

If you want to (un)minimize a window, the set up is more complicated. Here is an example.

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That was extremely helpful, and instructive. Thanks again!