The new Stream Deck Emulator (without Stream Deck)

Ah but if you can create such cool stuff which such a simple emulator - is it even worth it? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You scare me :cold_face: Guys, please stop using the emulator right now and talk bad about it. Otherwise Andreas will not develop his masterpiece :joy:

Then just imagine what we could do with the new functionality... Can't wait to get my hands on it...

Don't worry, I'm working on it :slight_smile:


Any progress on the floating menu stuff? I am literally stalling a complete workflow in the wait for that eierlegendewollmilchsau feature... :wink:

It will still take a bit (sorry for moving this a lot, but every time I wanted to finally tackle the floating menu, something got in the way). New (I think now realistic) ETA: end of February.

Lately I have fixed and added many little things that were on my TODO list for v4.0 (which I'll release maybe sometime this weekend). So after that is out I'll focus completely on finishing the floating menus.

Don't want to rush you, but it's March... :innocent: if it's only half as great as I expect, it's a game changer for my entire workflow. Can you tell us when we can expect it?

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I've not been following the forums for a while. Could someone explain to me briefly what the fixed floating menus is? I kinda thought that the webview thing could already do menus, but maybe I've misunderstood?

Right now I have one floating menu implemented using Keyboard Maestro; when I hit a hotkey, I get this little menu appear, which lets me choose one of four screenshot options:

(the first three trigger BTT named triggers via ActionScript, and the last fires a hotkey to trigger Snagit)

Is it that sort of functionality that Andreas is working on bringing to BTT? It'd be great to have this inside BTT rather than using Keyboard Maestro for it (it's literally the only thing I'm using that software for right now! :slight_smile: )

Yes, basically like the Touch Bar so these menus can also contain dynamic scripts.

A few features:

  • Multiple templates available & custom templates supported
  • Can float on top, resize on hover, attach to a window or be shown on demand
  • Scriptable menu items like for Touch Bar
  • Various availabe widgets integrated by default
  • Content can change depending on the active app
  • Content can change based on modifier keys

(But I think for what you have shown above, the existing "Custom Context Menu (New)" action would already be good enough :man_shrugging:

@TheBloke I agree with Andreas. For the menu you showed you don't even need "Custom Context Menu (New)". If you are familiar with KM then you know the conflict palettes. You can do something similar with BTT. If you assign the same tigger to several macros, BTT will also show a simple conflict menu. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, Andreas, will your new menus also have "single key" triggers? (I don't know exactly what to call this). :slightly_smiling_face:

Totally agree with that. The difference between BTT and KMM is that the BTT menu disappears when you activate a point, unlike KMM which can keep it fixed. That's why "fixed" is crucial for me. I'm envisioning something like the StreamDeckEmulator, an individual starter menu that can be customized for each app, and it can stay fixed. Back in the day, Adobe Configurator 2.0 had similar setups, and I was all over it. Unfortunately, it got discontinued. I know I can do it with KMM, and I've already built some panels. But as @TheBloke pointed out, KMM is not my go-to because I prefer BTT. So, it would be wicked helpful to have a deadline for when we can expect this feature. :wink:

(Alpha) New Notch Bar update not allowing the native status bar breaks some things - #23 by Andreas_Hegenberg :wink:

But I'm getting there, finally have the first versions running on my system.

This is one difference, another one are the "single key" triggers :wink:

So, everyone's got their own priorities, but when they all come together in the end - which hopefully won't be too long from now - it's gonna be one hell of a new feature! Right? :wink:

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Thanks all! Yes, I do keep forgetting about the standard conflict system - had I remembered that a few months ago I'd probably never have bought Keyboard Maestro :smiley: It works OK, but with the one disadvantage that you can't (that I can see) specify another name for the entries in the conflict list, so eg when one of the entries is sending a hotkey, the conflict list just shows Send ^⌘C or whatever. It's not a deal breaker for my simple example but it's not ideal for a proper menu.

But that hopefully won't matter, because yes, Custom Context Menu (NEW) is precisely what I wanted!

That's so cute! :slight_smile: I do have a technical problem with it (it's not showing up over full screen windows) but I've raise that in the proper place.

Thanks again for the info and help. The planned new update sounds really sophisticated and awesome and I'll watch for the updates with interest! Thanks again for all the info and help.

The BTT conflict menu shows any name you want and also icons :slightly_smiling_face:


How do you configure that??

What I was doing was just defining multiple hotkeys with the same key, and can't see any config for how the menu then appears?

It will show whatever you enter in "notes" :wink:

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You have a different view, but this is what your Item 3 would look like.