Taps on BTT work as "command + tap" on my MacBook Air 2018, Mojave

Using BTT on my MacBook Air 2018, Mojave, sometimes (not always) "a single tap" works as "command key + tap" against my will.
When running BTT on Safari (without any BTT setting), "a single tap on trackpad" works as "Open the link in a new tab".
When tapping an icon in the Dock, it works as "Open the application_and_the' Application Folder'". (Finder window appears in front of all the windows. Troublesome.)
Both of them ought to be the behavior "command key + a single tap", I think.

Installing the new OS : DONE
Safemode repairing : DONE
Fast Aid with Disk Utility : DONE
Without BTT : Taps Correctly Working
My English : Too Poor

Is this a bug in BTT, or a particular phenomenon on my Mac?
What can I do against it?