Tap / Double tap / Multi-finger tap Touchbar actions


I currently have a completely button-less touch bar, with single-finger, two-finger, and three-finger swipes set up for volume, brightness, and keyboard brightness respectively.

I really hate having anything showing on the touch bar, especially in the dark as it distracts from the screen so this is good for me at the moment.

However, I was wondering if there's an ability to have BTT recognise a tap and then act accordingly.

Eg: Single finger tap is play/pause. Two-finger tap is Next Track. Single finger double-tap launches Apple Music, etc.


why don't you use Trackpad for that?

I'm guessing OP uses "tap-to-click" on the touchpad and doesn't want a tap gesture to override left-click or right-click availability.

Yep, this is the case.

What I've done as a bit of a fudge is put an invisible button (no text, transparent background) on the left side of the touch bar which I can just tap to mute.

Unfortunately this is just a button and doesn't have any actions for two-finger, three-finger etc. and it also interfers with the sliding gestures on the touch bar if they start from where the button is placed.