Switching from Setapp not working

I had BTT downloaded from Setapp before but now I decided to buy it. First I uninstalled BTT using Setapp and then installed it the regular way. Now when I start BTT it says 'This copy of BetterTouchTool Setapp cannot be launched without a Setapp account. Please download and install the Setapp client and provide your credentials to use the application.'

I deleted everything related to BTT from my Mac's Library folder and reinstalled the app a few times but nothing seems to work. When I get the BTT to start, it won't do anything, no custom Touch Bar nor window management.

I hope I presented my problem clearly enough.

Mh if it is still showing the setapp message it means you don't have the version from my website https://folivora.ai but still the one installed via Setapp. (The website version doesn't contain that message)
You really need to delete the old BTT you got from Setapp.

I did install BTT using the installer. I managed to finally get it working by reinstalling Setapp, installing BTT from there and then deleted it from Setapp and then installed BTT again using the installer.

Very weird! maybe setapp did put it into some strange location.

@Andreas_Hegenberg I was trying it through Setapp but love BTT so much I just bought a lifetime license. So am about to do the same migration. What's the preferred way to transfer settings?

I saw in another post they're saved in ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool. If I just uninstall through Setapp and then install from your site standalone, will that version automatically see this same directory?

To be sure, I will backup the directory first. It also appears that backup through the app is possible. I found Help-Restore Settings from Backup, but could not find a menu option to Save Settings to Backup. Is it just done by selecting all shortcuts and then presets -> export highlighted preset? Would this backup all my custom Snap Areas? I spent a lot of time customizing those.

Thank you for an awesome product!