switching back from app specific touch bar preset to general All Apps touch bar preset

I'll try to explain:

I made a custom touchbar preset for 'All Apps' (see screenshot 1) with the dock widget and other things. I also have a custom touchbar preset for Ableton Live

Now if i switch between apps i have my custom touchbar preset available with the dock widget. And if i touch the bettertouchtool button (left side) it takes the touchbar back to MacOS setting with all the specific default layouts for apps like Logic Pro, Chrome, ... If i then touch the bettertouchtool button (now on the right side in the MacOS control strip) it takes me back to the custom touchbar preset with my dock widget. All is good.

When i select Ableton Live, the touchbar goes to the custom Ableton Live preset that i made. Now i want to select another app so i want to go back to my touchbar layout for 'All Apps' that has the dock widget so i can go to another app using the touchbar. So i touch the bettertouchtool button (on the left), but now it goes to a black touchbar with only 5 buttons on the right (bettertouchtool, brightness, sound, mute and siri) but no custom 'All Apps' layout with my dock widget..

So i guess my question is: how do i switch back from a specific app layout (Ableton Live) to a custom layout for All Apps?

Hope my explanation is clear!
Thanks for the help