Swipes don't only work when their touch bar group is open

I got excited when I saw that there is a single finger swipe gesture, so I made a brightness button to open a touch bar group and put single swipe gestures in it to increase and decrease brightness. Got me pretty close to reproducing the system brightness slider (where dragging from the button goes straight to adjusting brightness), but then when I tried to do the same for volume, realized that the swipes are active globally, and not just when the groups they are in are open.

Shouldn't they be active only when the group they are in is shown? Is there a way to do that?

Side note: Single finger swipes also override any slider controls. Might be useful to prevent that?

Unfortunately that's a limitation of how gestures currently work in BTT. They can not work with groups directly.

There is a trick to make it work though. Create a conditional activation group that's only active if that group is open:

If you put the gestures into that group, they will work only if the group is open.

BTT Touch Bar gestures unfortunately need to be implemented a level below the UI that is shown on the Touch Bar, thus they will always override any other slide controls