Swipe gestures while clicked/dragging with MagicMouse

Is it somehow possible to initiate an N-finger swipe action while the mouse is in the clicked (mousedown state)? This used to be possible with MagicPrefs and I recently forgot how much I miss it :slight_smile: My use case is that I have 3 Finger Swipe Up and 3 Finger Swipe Down set to Show Desktop. With MagicPrefs I used to be able to click-n-hold something with my forefinger to begin dragging it, and then with my other fingers, I could swipe away all my open windows and continue dragging whatever I had underneath my cursor. But I probably used it more often in reverse now that I think about it. I would often have a window open that I wanted to drag-n-drop something from my desktop onto, so I would 3 Finger Swipe to show the desktop, click-n-hold something, then 3 Finger Swipe with my other fingers to get my windows back, drag it to the proper place in the window and release. Was really nice for websites with drag-n-drop targets for file uploads.