Swipe gestures increasingly not recognized

I feel like in the past few months it's become increasingly common that my touchbar 2-finger right/left swipe (volume up/down) or 3-finger right/left swipe (brightness up/down) gestures aren't recognized. It might be correlated to high CPU load, not sure (I'm a programmer and sometimes IntelliJ can be kind of a hog). Is there anything that might be causing this that I should look for?

I'm using version 3.510 of BTT (can't get the 3.531 update to install) and MacOS 10.15.7 on a 2017 15-inch MBP.

BTW, this is what happens when I try to update to the latest Alpha. After relaunching BTT, I'm still at the older version.

The relaunch tool is also marked in the Finder as disabled/damaged.