Swipe for next starting on song name

This is my current touch bar preset.

I want to make it so that if I swipe, starting on the song name, it will go to the next song once.
Is this possible?

bump @Andreas_Hegenberg?

On the song name no, but you can put a one finger swipe gesture inside that group.

thanks, but how do I also make it only change the song once, while still only doing a small slide?

@Caliguvara bump

I never use this fiction. Maybe the repeat after... setting or so :man_shrugging:t4:

There's a repeat percentage in the swipe gesture which is set to 1% meaning a little swipe will trigger the action. If you set it to something higher like 10-20, you'd have to swipe a lot more. If you set it to 100, I presume you'd need to swipe from extreme left to extreme right and it will trigger only once. Play with it!

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