Swapping esc and caps lock in system settings and then using caps lock (now esc) for Hyper not working

When I swap the ESC and Caps Lock keys in system settings and then use Caps Lock (now ESC) for the Hyper key does not work. When I switch the ESC and Caps Lock keys in system settings back again, everything works fine. Any ideas?

esc can not be used as hyper key, BTT only supports caps lock as hyper

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OK. Thanks very much for the quick reply.

I haven't tested this extensively, but it looks like you can use any (single) modifier as esc (key sequence). For example cmd. Typed alone = esc. Together with a letter you can still execute the usual shortcuts.

If it absolutely has to be Caps Lock, then switch Caps Lock to right control.

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A-Ha! Thank you. Your message inspired me to look further. I forgot that I had already set up a named trigger for the escape key. When I used this along with swapping the escape key in system settings, it causes a clash. I got rid of the system setting, changing Caps Lock back to Caps Lock. Now it works fine. Thanks for the help!

Here are my settings for anyone else with a similar problem:

This is my trigger:

This is my Hyper key Action:

This is the named trigger:

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