Support Virtual Midi Ports

Hey everyone, not sure if I am doing it wrong or I just cant get it to work:
I have successfully hooked up several Midi controllers to BTT but now I want to use the TouchOSC Midi Bridge (for some use of a ipad first generation)

But BTT currently does not see Virtual Midi ports provided by applications...

Using Midi Monitor I can clearly see the Bridge and the messages coming along, I also tried to use a program called MidiPipe to send commands to a different Virtual Midi Port, also works but still will not show in BTT Settings

Running on latest macOS Catalina, latest BTT

Have you tried routing it through an IAC Driver bus?

If you open Audio MIDI Setup, double click the IAC Driver device and check "Device is online". Now you can use MidiPipe or whatever to send your messages to IAC Driver Bus 1 which BTT or any other app will see.

Hey @dpren,
Nice, thank you, I wasn't aware of this feature, this works well! Still it requires MidiPipe to run all the time.