support for Function buttons on Trackball Elecom Huge

I tried to map the buttons of my new Trackball Elecom Huge M-HT1DRBK.
Some Buttons (Fn1,Fn2,Fn3) are not recognized.

Steermouse logs the following events for these buttons (click/release):
0001-0002-01 01 20 ** ** ** ** 00 00
0001-0002-01 01 00 ** ** ** ** 00 00
0001-0002-01 01 40 ** ** ** ** 00 00
0001-0002-01 01 00 ** ** ** ** 00 00
0001-0002-01 01 80 ** ** ** ** 00 00
0001-0002-01 01 00 ** ** ** ** 00 00

The other buttons work in bettertouchtool:
left button:
0001-0002-01 01 01 ** ** ** ** 00 00
forward/backward side button:
0001-0002-01 01 10 ** ** ** ** 00 00
0001-0002-01 01 08 ** ** ** ** 00 00

other infos logged with steermouse:
VID:0x56E, PID:0x10C, MID:0x0, USB, DevVer:0x110, BtnCnt:5, DevCnt:1

The Trackpad has 8 buttons + tiltable scrollwheel
The original driver / tool (Elecom mouse assistant) does not work at all- it crashes on starting up.

Is there a way to use bettertouchtool to map these buttons?

It seems the 3 buttons are just usual Mouse buttons 6/7/8 but the descriptor reports only 5 buttons. So BTT is not listening. A solution could be to add a possibility to override the button count in BTT standard mouse preferences manually. Other Elecom devices would benefit of this setting, too.

I just jumped in the same boat with you - upgraded to OS Catalina, and Elecom hasn't succeed in coding the upgrade.

Before this I was using 10.11.6. Elecom worked fine there. The design of the mouse is a problem for BTT. BTT can only talk to the scroll/left right (pivot scroll wheel buttons) on the Elecom.

If Elecom preference pane is running under the hood, BTT can register more buttons. If it's not, BTT can only register a couple. Even then, BTT can only remap the scroll wheel pivot buttons IIRC.

My solution was to use Elecom driver/tool on my 10.11.6 machine to map what I want it to do, and then copy/paste Elecom preference pane from the 10.11.6 startup disc > library > preference panes -- and copy that to same location on the Catalina disc.

Doing this was partially successful. I got left & right click (with drag) on the buttons I wanted, and I could use BTT to map the scroll wheel pivot to what I wanted (copy/paste). But my other functions didn't carry over they were: close window, hide application, page up/page down, and a return key.

I would really like if BTT had a way to dig into code on this mouse to find a way to control it. It would be better if he didn't have to and Elecom opened all buttons to operate industry standard so we could map in BTT in the first place. Best case is if Elecom did their frikken job and supported their product for where ALL Macs are going in the coming years.

If you've learned anything since, let me now. For now I have basic function plus copy/paste, which is more ergonomic than trackpad alone or a regular mouse.

Hope that helps.

There is nowdays a workaroung but it sucks. If you have the elecom util software open then BTT rezognizes the fn1-fn3 buttons. But if the softaware is not running it has no clue of those buttons existing.