Stuck Youtube Setup and Fix

Have the same issue :confused:

Just tapping that message should automatically set it up for you.

Sorry for the late replies!

@Shroomis @iAmRenzo

Thanks for reply! Sorry to say that doesn’t work (for me) using latest version of Catalina. Any suggestion on where to start troubleshooting? Are there any logs etc? Could it be a problem with administrative permissions?

Doesn't work here either.

@iAmRenzo @shroomis

Head to safari preferences,
Advanced (i believe)
and “Show Develop Menu”.

Then, in the menubar hit
Develop > Allow Javascript from Apple Events

Tapping the widget was a way to do that automatically, but I’ll check it for catalina. I’m running it on catlina with no issues after setup.

Hm. Still getting "Setup YouTube widget"-message... Made sure "Allow Javascript from Apple Events" is on. Here is video of error and setup:

I see, your system isn’t in english and this is probably the issue. AQT does reference the menubar in english so it may not be fully stable for you. I’ll see if I can account for other languages but it seems uncertain

In the meantime you can disable the instructions in the BTT config:

(note that you’ll need to re-do this every update if I can’t fix it as this type of modification can’t be saved across updates)

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