Streamdeck preview shows current configuration

I have a lot of app specific groups set up in BTT with several buttons laid out using the order of the buttons and extra blank buttons to get the layout I want.
It would be very useful if the Streamdeck preview screen shows the layout of the buttons in the currently selected group, not as it would actually appear on the Streamdeck based on the configuration of global and app specific groups.
I understand that there is probably also a use case for the current behavior but a toggle of some kind to switch between these behaviors would be very helpful.

Thanks for this awesome app. Can't work without it.

Agreed - the only way I can see what it looks like is by clicking and getting out of BTT and clicking open the specific App that I'm trying to create Stream Deck Buttons for...then the Stream Deck shows me what it currently looks like... then I have to go back into BTT to adjust things.

This option will help you:

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That’s exactly what I need. Thanks!