strange behavior - is it a bug?

Today I installed the latest version of BTT and am now experiencing a very strange behavior: if I am working in an app the clock on the top right corner of my menu bar will not work properly any more. Also the little battery icon in the menu behaves strangely and will show wrong values.
As soon as I click on my desktop both will work correctly again as long as I am not using any app. It does not seem to be connected to any specific app though.

Hardware: MacBook Pro 14, 2021, M1

macOS: Ventura 13.2
BTT: 4.017

Is this a known issue?

Thank you for any advice.

That can happen if the macOS menubar is replaced with the "Notch Bar". If you don't use this feature, disable it here:

Possibly it got activated by some imported preset or accidentally.

thank you for quick response. As I already assumed this to be the problem I made some changes and now it seems to be working without problems.