Status menu icons not showing

On a fresh booted Mac, my BTT always works perfectly, but after some time my status bar is almost completely black. Only Siri icon is showing and most of the time the "do not disturb" icon. Pressing somewhere in de status menu bar gives me the dropdown menus of the corresponding apps.
Monterey 12.6.2
Latest Alpha of BTT

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You have the Notch Bar feature activated, possibly due to a bug in an older version. You can disable it here:


yes definitely! It's a life saver. I've transferred my Touch Bar features to the notch bar for the apps I use professionally. I would rather not turn it off.

ah sorry, misunderstood. I'll be back on my computer later and post a solution

So the general issue is that macOS changes the color of the status icons based on the desktop wallpaper used. If the area behind the icons is light, it will use black icons - if dark it will use white icons.

BTT just records the original icons and places them on it's own Notch Bar. That's why they will look like the system icons. If you have a dynamic wallpaper enabled, the color of the icons will switch based on the time of the day.

Currently the only real solution is to set a wallpaper that forces the system icons to be light. This means the top right area needs to be somewhat darkish. Another option is to just make the Notch Bar use the same background as the sytem via this option:

Ah that sounds like a very obvious explanation. Thanks a lot!!