Station Notification Badges

Is there any way to change and add all notifbadges to one app ( Station) plus YouTube like for example: Facebook notify open by station app will show on the Touch Bar as Facebook massage, not as station massage?

I don't know Station neither wether or how it supports Apple script. If there is a possibility to output the service notifications then yes. Otherwise it would be kinda possible to make a hack for Internet forum notifications using mail. But that would be like shooting on birds with cannon balls, a bit disproportionate..

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lol. I understand, to be honest, i tried Golden Chaos it's nice, but I am a bigger fan of Aqua touch its more beneficial I love the shorts cut. But I wish if aqua will add more things for the finance people like Excel, Evernote, Citrix workspace, and if they add the Remarkable my dream will become true lol​:rofl::heart_eyes:

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In order to do this station needs to support applescript to send out its info, in addition it's dealing with websites so i think this may be a little hard.

New apps are being more slowly developed as I have a focus on stability for now!

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