State of multiple user support

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg !

I'd like to follow on the old issue 1158, that sadly has been closed without any comment on GitHub.

I still have that issue and am wondering about the current state of multi user support for BTT.


Kind regards


@Andreas_Hegenberg Any news?

Sorry currently no news on this. You could try to enable the old keyboard shortcut implementation:

Hm, I was sure, that that didn't work, but now it seemingly does. Thanks, I'm fine with that.

@Andreas_Hegenberg Ohhh! Now I get it. It hadn't to do with secure input at all! It was just enabled on those times it didn't work for me coincidentally.

The problem really is, that I'm running BTT on both accounts simultaneously with the same keyboard shortcuts and pressing a shortcut fires the wrong BTT instance. Should I open a new topic for that?