Spotify – Touch Bar Preset

New! Tweaked Design.

Preset to use with Spotify. Use it to control playback, view current track, change volume and various other shortcuts. All done Apple Script free.

Current Version [New Design] – Spotify.bttpreset (282.5 KB)

The below preset has images as icons, instead of text. This should be compatible for more people, who don't have SF Symbols. Due to the images, the preset size increased.

Spotify.bttpreset (702.4 KB)

This will override your settings. If people are interested in a trigger only preset, feel free to comment below. Most of the icons are Apple's SF Text icons, which will require the SF Symbols app in order to display the icons correctly ( This app requires macOS 10.14.4 or later. If you would like a version with image icons, hit me up below.

I have added a different version of the preset, which has images as icons, instead of text. This should be compatible for more people, who don't have SF Symbols


· Play/Pause
· Skip Forward And Back
· View Current Track (Album Art, Title, Artist)
· Volume Control (Hold To Change Volume Quickly)
· Shuffle And Repeat
· Spotify button to quit app
· Various shortcuts for menu bar actions


· Tweaked new design to complement with macOS stock layout. Featuring a similar Control Strip layout.
· Added a shortcut to Spotify settings

You can enable/disable any element. You can also edit them as well to your preference. Reply if you want any other features to add.

Version History

Timeline of changes and versions.

Wed 27 May – Current [New Design]

· New Control Strip design to fit with macOS. Added a settings button in the expanded view

Wed 29 Jan [Old Design]

· Added a more options group with various controls such as adding playlists, skipping 15 seconds and volume controls

Spotify.bttpreset (195.9 KB)

Tue 28 Jan

· Added a new Spotify button, which you can press to quit the app
· Fixed bug or unresponsiveness with the volume control
· Removed the back/forwards buttons, however you can add buttons with Command + Option + Left/Right to regain this functionality

Spotify.bttpreset (177.1 KB)

Thu 12 Dec

· Fixed bug or unresponsiveness with the volume control
· Changed icons for the back and forward navigation buttons
· Changed the maximum length of the title to accommodate longer song titles

Spotify Preset.bttpreset (238.3 KB)

Creator's Note

This preset was made with no Apple Scripts and I am still learning the ropes to incorporate scripts. However, I am looking to add new features for this preset. It seems many have tried it out and in this case, I will try to continue on new builds for this. A feature I am looking to add is lyrics. Hope you enjoy!


I do not own the name "Spotify", the album art and song title.

so with this, can I add the currently playing song to a playlist, all within my toucher?

As a student, I found BetterTouchTool and worked on a preset for Spotify. However, I am not that experienced in Touch Bar customisation. This doesn't add the current song into a playlist. This was made with no Apple Scripts and used the in-built BetterTouchTool actions to create this. I am still trying to figure out how to implement Apple Scripts and Python in the preset so I can implement lyrics and as you suggested, possibly more control in the preset, which I think is a good idea. So far, these are all just shortcuts and replace the original Spotify Touch Bar, which I dislike, to a more pleasantly looking one. I am sorry for the confusion, and I should clarify this in the description.


if you want to know how to add songs into a playlist in touchbar:

this didn't work for me (read it to know why), but it should work for other users.

Thanks Future_Face. I will look into this more and possibly add this in the future.

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Such a great widget, thank you for this!
When I import it, most of the icons are gone, I'm not sure why. Would you mind sharing them in a zip file or something so that I can manually add them?

Thanks for showing your interest in this preset. Here are the icons: (80.8 KB)

However, most of the buttons are text icons, which I have taken from Apple's SF Symbols App. The text icons should work on Mojave and Catalina. If you are on Mojave or Catalina and they do not work then maybe try the SF Symbols app ( and insert them in. This app requires macOS 10.14.4 or later.

However, if you are on an older version, let me know and I will upload a version with those text icons changed into images. Once again, thanks for showing interest!

Thanks! I installed the SF Symbols app and now I can see all the icons :slight_smile:

Your welcome! I am glad I helped.

What is the best way to remove the native media controls when using this preset. When im on spotify it shows the spotify media controls aswell as the standard media controls

Do you mean the media controls on the Spotify preset?

Touch Bar Shot 2020-06-05 at 13.04.33

If yes then go into BetterTouchTool and with each respective media button, untick the Enabled/Visble on Touch Bar.

This should remove them. However, if you are talking about the other white media controls, then it should be the same principle, but within their areas/presets.

hmm, what's happened here? ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling your preset but it doesn't seem to fix it

I've had the same issue and it was fixed after installing Apple's SF Symbols app from here:

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Since this is troubling some users. I will create an image-based version. Look out for it soon.

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Here you go community! The icons in this preset are images, so should work on any device.

Spotify.bttpreset (702.4 KB)

Since the images/icons are cluttered on my desktop, I will put them in a downloadable zip.

All (112.1 KB)

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I did re-upload this preset just now, because I forgot to join in new triggers into this.

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thanks heaps!!

For some reason the album artwork won't show up anyone know why

Since I have not used any code and only designed/layout and made the preset using the tools with BetterTouchTool. So, I reckon this may be a BetterTouchTool issue. Maybe updating BetterTouchTool, reinstalling the app and the preset may work, and let me know how it goes. If still not working, I would recommend putting it in bugs and issues. I do not have this issue.

Top preset, the only thing missing is a button to like the song. Great work anyway.

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