Spotify – Touch Bar Preset [Update]

Preset to use with Spotify. Use it to control playback, view current track, change volume and various other shortcuts.

Current Version – Spotify.bttpreset (195.9 KB)


· Play/Pause
· Skip Forward And Back
· View Current Track (Album Art, Title, Artist)
· Volume Control (Hold To Change Volume Quickly)
· Shuffle And Repeat


· More options
· Spotify button to quit app

You can enable/disable any element. You can also edit them as well to your preference. Reply if you want any other features to add.

Version History

Timeline of changes and versions.

Wed 29 Jan – Current

· Added a more options group with various controls such as adding playlists, skipping 15 seconds and volume controls

Tue 28 Jan

· Added a new Spotify button, which you can press to quit the app
· Fixed bug or unresponsiveness with the volume control
· Removed the back/forwards buttons, however you can add buttons with Command + Option + Left/Right to regain this functionality

Spotify.bttpreset (177.1 KB)

Thu 12 Dec

· Fixed bug or unresponsiveness with the volume control
· Changed icons for the back and forward navigation buttons
· Changed the maximum length of the title to accommodate longer song titles

Spotify Preset.bttpreset (238.3 KB)

Creator's Note

I am looking to add new features for this preset. It seems many have tried it out and in this case, I will try to continue on new builds for this. A feature I am looking to add is lyrics. Hope you enjoy!


I do not own the name "Spotify", the album art and song title.

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