Spotify album icon for now playing widget not working

Hi there! :slight_smile:
Just started getting the hang of BTT all day today, focusing mainly on my Spotify enabled Touch Bar. after downloading multiple presets I noticed that there isn't any icon on the Touch Bar for the now playing widget. in the settings I have selected the icon option 'album art, fallback to app icon if not available.'
So I was wondering if there was something else I have to uncheck or do for it to show?
Thanks a bunch!

Hi. I think I know the problem.
Go to where your Now Playing Widget is in the BTT app. How many Now Playing Widgets are there? One or two?
If there is only one, you need to copy that one and the paste it above it. Then, on the new widget, click 'Show only icon, no text' This should solve your problems.
If you already have two widgets, please screenshot each of them, and the settings for them.